Question About Amniotic Stem Cells


There seems to be a lot of controversy about amniotic stem cell injections as to whether they even contain any live cells.

(Dr. Riordan’s Answer)

The amnion tissue used to make our products does not need to contain any live cells for benefit and we’ve never made that claim.

Stem Cell Pioneers

The cells on the left have the morphology of young, healthy MSCs. No flattening, a red color of mitochondria, and they’re spread throughout the whole cell body. On the right, you’ll notice in cells that were not cultured with AlphaGEMS, the cells are flat, fibroblastic looking. They are becoming senescent, the last step before they stop producing growth signals and can do nothing but basically form scar tissue.

Not to avoid the question of live cells, yes or no, but rather to obviate it. It does not matter if there are live cells in the samples we use because they contain large quantities of molecules known to decrease inflammation, stimulate new blood vessel growth, and stimulate regeneration.

As witnessed in these photographs you can see the difference between stem cells treated with AlphaGEMS and those without.