What kind of filtering system do you use in the processing of your stem cells? Are most of your treatments one-day treatments?

(Dr. Riordan on filtering)

We use a concentrating system that does have a filter on it. The system’s main function is to remove certain components of the bone marrow and concentrate it into an amount small enough to inject into a joint.

All of our treatments using BMAC are same-day. It is injected the same day it is harvested and processed.

Our goal is to use BMAC and AlphaGEMS (human amniotic membrane product) to turn big surgeries into small surgeries and small surgeries into a simple injection.

In-office injections of BMAC and AlphaGEMS are commonly used for conditions like osteoarthritic joints; inflammatory disorders of the joints; partial and full thickness tears; and chronic, painful, partial tearing.

For other issues, minimally invasive surgery augmented with BMAC and amniotic tissue product may be indicated.

Complete medical history, MRI imaging, physical examination and patient preference all play a role in whether the doctor recommends injections only or minimally invasive surgery augmented with biologics.

It’s important to understand that not all orthopedic problems will respond to just a same-day injection of BMAC (with or without AlphaGEMS). It takes an experienced orthopedic surgeon to know when an injection is likely to work and when surgery augmented with biologics is a better option. .