VIDEO – Stem Cell Therapy for Back Pain – Ellen

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Yes. Hi. My name is Ellen and I have had great success with my treatment here at Riordan and I would consider it miraculous.

I’m a former R.N.. I’ve had a history of back issues since 2011. I even had some surgery done. It was a terrible experience and made my pain worse and no one’s been able to come near getting this problem resolved. I was having no life. It was, it was not a lot of fun. I couldn’t sit for more than 5 minutes. I ate standing up. Sleeping was a problem. I couldn’t sleep on my back and I had a procedure done January 5th this year and it was nothing short of miraculous.

I mean, my horrible crunching pain was literally gone by the time I got home. And I feel like a new person. People have noticed the change in my persona because now I’m happy and I’m not in pain, and I would say to anybody, “If you’re suffering from pain and somebody is wanting to do some big procedure on you think about it twice. Come see Dr. Herrera.”

Thank you.